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Some things concerning the false the Holy Spirit shared with the church body at RMMI Victory Christian Center in


 = == =   1997 / 1998   = == =  

January 5, 1997    Sunday Evening Worship Word  Page Four

Again I say to you, Beware, beware, for the false manifestation has entered into all, I say, into all the full gospel churches, in this is area. And I say unto you, they are in great danger and they knoweth it not. For if they come not out soon, they shall all be affected and yea, they shall need deliverance. So, beware, beware of those that you come into contact continue to keep a fresh covering of My blood on you. Continue walk in the fullness of the things that I have for you and ask of Me before you go to these places, saith your Father God. Whether it be here, whether it be far off, whether it be on the other side of the world, ask of Me. For I know the places where it is moving, and I shall direct your paths in the places where it is not. Say not, "where shall the people come from? For I say unto you, that even in this area, I have twenty thousand that have not been touched by this move. No, they have not been touched by the false and not only do I have them here saith your Father God, I have them in other places. Yea, and I shall bring unto you, those who walk according to My Word, who will walk in the things that I have for them. They shall not be touched by it. But those who come that shall be touched by it, saith your Father God, you shall cast that spirit out of them, for you will not be able to use them until you set them free.

January 12, 1997 Thoughts and Thinking Class Word Page two

A great polluting is going forth but you shall he the antidote yea, you shall be the purifier. You shall set many captives free. And they shall come unto you with all manners of sickness and diseases. They shall come unto you with all manners of false manifestations and you shall deliver them....etc..

January 19, 1997 Sunday Morning Service Worship Word Page two 

Mark your calendars. Mark your calendars. Count ninety days, saith your Father God. Count ninety days. For those that are in this area that are in those churches where the false spirit is moving must come out before that day, saith your Father God. For regardless of how spiritual they think that they are, regardless of how much good that they think that they are doing, they are being deceived. They shall come from those places with the manifestations that are being produced there and you will have to deal with them. So, know them that come in from this area, saith your Father God, after that ninety day period, and watch closely, watch closely, for the enemy is at work. For I have spoken loud and clear to My People, yet they refuse to hear My voice. They refuse to do as I say. They walk in vanity of mind. They walk in pride. They walk in a spirit realm that they are not in. Therefore they think that they can take charge of things and do things that I have not said that they can do. Therefore, they remain back thinking they can do great things, but be not deceived like them, saith your Father God. For the enemy is doing a work throughout this land. But I shall raise up a standard against him. Yea, and I shall stop him and I shall bring forth the true manifestation. But those who set under that, My Children, those who sit under that, shall receive the false manifestation and when they come unto you, they shall need deliverance .. etc .. etc 

January 26, 1997 Thoughts and Thinking Class Word Page three

And if you think that the false move is complicated now, deceiving now, wait until they interweave the two together for it is all one system of the devil and it shall be confusing yes, it shall look good, it shall sound good. It shall look like "oh this is going to be wonderful" but if you look underneath, you shall see the control, you shall see the dictatorship and you shall see the wickedness that the enemy has plotted and planned within his heart for the people of this earth. But my people need not walk in that area for if they listen to me and follow my voice, they shall walk in the perfect will that I have set for them. They shall walk in my program and they shall not be involved in his program. Neither shall they be deceived by his programs. For they shall see it clearly and they shall see the deceit, they shall see the lie, they shall see the wickedness and they shall flee from that and it shall flee from them. For it shall fear them. But they will not fear it for they shall have power and authority over it and they shall walk through this time in great victory.

So, be not fearful. For I tell you not these things to bring fear to you but I tell you these things to be a light upon the path that you trod. Beware of the deception. Beware of the lies. Beware of the traps of the enemy. Wisdom shall flow from my word through the Holy Ghost through your spirit man and your mind shall comprehend and understand and you will not be deceived. For the world shall wake up and my church shall wake up and they shall see and understand the importance of hearing my voice and of allowing the Holy Ghost to be their teacher. For without his guidance, all would be lost, all would be deceived, all would be destroyed in the traps. But with his guidance and following his guidance, they shall be victors. This is why my son, Jesus, said unto you, it is expedient, very important to you that I go away. For if I go not away, the Comforter can not come. Those who have not cultivated a close walk with the Holy Ghost, those who have not heard my voice, are those who are being so easily deceived by the false. For they know not the truth, they know not the real, for they have not handled the real and not held the real, they have not loved the real. They have not walked with the real. Therefore they are fooled by the false. But those who have done, oh yes, those who have done what I have said, they are not deceived for they know the Holy Ghost. That is why there has been such a great warfare from the day of Pentecost until now about the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Even churches that one time embrace the truth and walked in the truth and allowed the truth soon became fooled and deceived by the enemy and they stopped allowing the spirit to move as freely as he was moving and they begun to box the Holy Ghost and put him in a corner and they would not allow him to move, only when they decided that he should move .. etc.... etc ...

Many have listened so long a time to the false voice that they hear not the true voice ........... etc .....etc ........

January 29, 1997 Wednesday Evening Worship Word Page one

The joy of the Lord is in this place. Reach out and receive your joy. The power and the force of the false is like one little drop in the bucket compared to the mighty wave that will flood and overflow my true church, 

February 2, 1997 Sunday Evening Service Worship Word Page three

Woe unto the earth. Woe unto the false church. Woe unto them, for soon, very soon, saith your Father God, the third trump shall toot a toot, as an instrument in tuning up, preparing to play with the rest of the orchestra. etc.

February 2, 1997 Page four

....etc...... A mighty open door has been opened to this area. A mighty open door for the false. But I say unto you, bind it up. Hold it back. For it shall not be activated in this area as strong as it is activated in other areas. But you need to do your part ... etc .. 

February 5, 1997 Wednesday Evening Bible Study Word Page one

......... etc ............  For the devil speaks forth his words, but they are idle words. They are idle words, but many of his children get excited, yea, they get excited. They run, they leap, they shout, they holler, but it is not like my word.

For when my word goes out, it does not return void ........ etc ..... etc ... brings forth the result, the harvest, the harvest .. etc ..

The enemy thinks within his heart that he is doing a great work. For he pours the false oil upon the fire and the fire seems to be burning very brightly, but I say unto you, laugh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, for when my fire comes, saith your Father God, it shall consume his, ......... etc ........... etc ......... etc ......... those who are caught in the false, will see the light far greater, far brighter and they shall run ... etc ......

So, I say unto you, be not nervous, be not shaken for it may look like, yes, it may look unto you that everybody is being consumed by it, but, I say it is not so. For even as I had my true prophets now, yea, and my work shall destroy their work, even as Elijah destroyed the false .......... etc ....... etc .....

February 9, 1997 Sunday Morning Worship Word Page four

Beware, for if you have friends in the Syracuse area, very soon now, saith your Father God, the false move shall sweep across that wicked city, for it has already seeped, saith your Father God, in false religion. And there are only two churches, two bodies, there that stand against the false, ..etc...

warn them, for they need to come out very quickly, for the move that shall come across that city, now, shall be far greater than the last move ............ etc .......... etc .........

February 12, 1997 Wednesday Evening Worship Word Page two

For my cup of wrath is almost filled to the brim. For when I look down on the false that goeth on, saith your Father God, when I look down and see them mimicking me and mimicking my Holy Spirit, I am filled with anger and I shall raise up a standard against them and I shall stop them, ...etc..

I have told you the day that you shall see the increase of the manifestation of the false growing even more, yea, even in this area, .... etc .......... etc ......

February 16, 1997 Sunday morning Service Worship Word Page one

Woe to the earth, for my cup of wrath is almost full. For my anger has been kindled, saith your Father God, for those that I have loved, those that have drank of my wine, who now chase after false gods, yea, and they have become harlots in my mind, my sight and in my eyes ..... etc ........ etc .......

Page three

................ etc ..............the air (radio, tv,) many set before them, make that their god, they make that their church and they do nothing on behalf of the kingdom, except sit there and feed themselves and become fat and lazy, yes, they are unuseful to me, they are unuseful to my kingdom. They are unuseful to the things that I have called them to do.... etc .. etc ..... They allow others to do their work for them. For even in this area, saith your Father God, you have those who are likewise. No, they go not to my house, they hear not what my spirit is saying to the church. They know not the lateness of the hour. They know not the false move that is going on, in the way that you do and they are in danger, they are in danger, but I cannot warn them for they will not come where my spirit is moving .. etc .... they hibernate, x 5 . etc .. 

February 16, 1997 Evening Service Worship Word

Again, I say unto you, woe unto them who entangle themselves with the false, those who have drank of my wine, those who know the taste of my wine. For when they chase after false wine, saith your Father God, they make themselves a harlot and my anger is kindled against them ... etc ... etc......

Those who are in the false shall be turned over to a reprobate mind, but those, my children, those who know my warnings and have not heeded to my warnings and yet they continue and go there, for I say, they will be turned over to a reprobate mind. But I have given grace, I have given mercy unto the ones who do not even know it is false, for I say that yes, they shall turn, they shall turn but the ones that I have already warned, the ones that I have already given warning to and they have not heeded to my warning, they shall be turned over to a reprobate mind .... etc ...

Page four

........ etc .........In my book there are seven seals to be broken, They are likened unto my word. They are read, the trumpets sound them or speaks them into full being upon the earth. Yet, at times, the seven seals go hand in hand with the trumpets. You will notice a time of silence before the seventh seal and like wise before the seventh trumpet. The first seal is the antichrist with his false move which you are now seeing and it shall grow into the false church. Notice his bow, a sign of his evil conquest. Christ or my gospel is never depicted with a bow. Parts of the first trumpet go on with this seal. The second seal is ..... etc ........... etc ....

March 16, 1997 The Anointing Class Page two

............... etc ............ etc ........... For I will do everything possible, saith your Father, to wake up the whole church, ............. etc ...... For when the false spirit gets a hold of them, their mind is turned to a reprobate mind and even though they continually hear the truth, they put off the truth and they accept the false.

That spirit will need to be broken over them. My power will need to flow through my people far mightier than it is now, to break that spirit, that I can reach them or they will be lost. For you know some, saith your Father God, that think this is not a serious matter, for I can sit in this place, I can tell them the truth, and I can leave any time that I desire to leave. And I say unto you that is a lie, for that spirit is entering into them and they know it not and it has a far greater hold on them than they know yet. Therefore, I have told you to pray concerning them ... etc ... etc ...... that spirit shall get a stronger hold upon their lives then they know to the place where they shall not be able to control it, it shall control them. But I have warned them. I have pleaded with them. I have spoken unto them. It shall not be my fault, .... etc ..

For when man rejects the things that the spirit is speaking unto them, they reject me, they are not rejecting you, . etc 

March 23, 1997 The Anointing Class Word Page one

.......... etc ........... Those with a closed mind, those who have set their minds, those who will not hearken, those who belonged to me at one time but have turned their back upon me and they follow after familiar spirits, they follow after the false and not the true, even though I warn them and speak to them. They have hardened their hearts, they will not listen to my ways. For they feel in their heart, they are doing it their way and they refuse to do it my way, ... etc ..

March 23, 1997 continued Page four

............ etc ......... etc .......... prophetic word ........... in these last days shall be quicker .......etc .......they refuse to take heed to the warnings. They see not the false church that is rising so fast. They see not the deception that even some of the very elect that are turning from the right way and receiving the wrong way. Therefore .. etc .... etc ..

Page five

.............. etc .........Woe unto them who play games with me, saith your Father. Yea, they say that they believe in the moving of my Holy Ghost. They say that they are spirit filled and yet they deny the power thereof. They deny the moving of the spirit. They refuse the moving of the spirit and yet they open themselves up to false fire. They allow the false to enter in and they worship it praise it and know it not. For are they not like Aaron's two sons? How long shall I put up with it, saith your Father God? .. etc ....

in these last days there shall be days, days, like Ananias and Sapphira when the Holy Ghost shall move so mightily that the fear and reverence of Almighty God shall be restored to my house, .......... etc ......... etc ...........

March 30, 1997 Page three

For I say, woe unto those, woe unto those who know me not, nor follow the false when they know it is false. For I shall no longer put up with it ........ etc .......... etc ........

April 2, 1997 Wednesday Evening Bible Study Word Page one

........ etc ........ etc ..... For even in this area, saith your Father God, many are leaving the false churches but they are going into churches that are even more false and more corrupt than the ones that they have left because they will not be obedient and do the things that I have said to them. They refuse to surrender or submit unto me ... etc .... etc ............... For those who are running here, running there to flee the false, are rebellious, for they refuse to bow to me. They refuse to follow what I have told them to do .etc .... etc ...

April 6, 1997 Sunday Morning Service Worship Word Page two

Woe unto those who have left the false churches and have gone unto those churches that are even bad and worse off. For they are not following my leading nor are they following my voice. It is their pride that is causing them to go back to the places that they even left because of what was going on. . etc .............. etc ....

April 6, 1997 Sunday Evening Word Page three

.... etc ..... etc ........This is the place, in this area where my spirit is allowed to move and where the false is not ... etc. 

April 13, 1997 Anointing Class Page two

............... etc ..... etc ...... for this is only a warning unto them that the end is coming, and I desire that they wake up, that they perish not, that they flee from the false, that they turn unto me for the time is growing so very short, very short, because the very elect are being deceived, the very elect are being swept into the false. But I say unto you, I shall move mightily, I shall raise up a standard,  .etc

April 13, 1997 Sunday Morning Worship Word Page three

........ etc ....... For I say unto you again, warn them. Warn them, also of the false. For yes, I say unto you, that it shall quickly cover this state because of the services that are going on in Syracuse. So I say, warn my people, warn my people. Give them a chance to come out of the false. For I say, warn them, my children, warn them. For I say yes I do love them and I desire that they come out and be with me in my house. I say to warn them. For those speaking the false, are even more diligent to do the work of their father the devil than my children are at giving out my words of their Father Almighty God .. etc ..

April 20, 1997 Anointing Class Page one

....... etc ...... etc .....For my enemy has declared open war upon me, upon my holy ghost, upon my spirit and he moves rapidly across the earth deceiving many and causing many to walk in a false assumption, to walk in a false anointing. But I have raised up a standard against him. etc

April 23, 1997 Wednesday Evening Bible Study Word Page two

..... etc ...... etc .... For I say to you, beware of two false men that shall come. I say unto you, mark them and put up a wall against them. For yes, my children, it is very important that you know who they are and that you mark them. A pastor from Homer who has left and gone to another fellowship, is one of the most strongest false supporters in this area. Mark them and know them my children. For yes, they shall come. Mark them and know them my children. For they are two of the greatest supporters of the false in this area. They are the two greatest false supporters, in this area. For I say, mark them and know them, my children. For yes they shall even come. For I say to you, the false is even greater, worse, than the flesh-eating virus. For it is just as cunning. For it seems harmless, but in the long run, it consumes them and it causes them to be engulfed in the false, not even knowing. For yes it is cunning and it does seem harmless at first, but my children, it is very harmless. For yes, even the Catholics are involved in this and they are calling it a Catholic renewal. For they do not even know what it is. They do not even know that it is the false that is rising up. For I say to you, yes it is the false. And you shall see it, even more, my children. Yes, you shall see it, even more. For yes, they are even engulfed in the false because it is so cunning that it causes the people to sit underneath it and to be caught away with it .. etc ..

For did not I say that the false was here in a small foothold, in every church except yours. And a strong foot hold in others? For did not I say that unto you my children and did not you see? And you shall see even more so, for yes those who have the shakes, it shall be as in the first camp meetings, where people go and have died with broken necks. For the enemy desires to destroy. But me, my children, I am offering life and that more abundantly.

May 14, 1997 Wednesday Evening Bible Study Word Page Five

........... etc ...etc ..... great revival shall spring forth throughout all the land and there shall be a great division between the true and the false, a great division, saith your Father. For those who continue in the false soon shall not know that they are in the false. Yea, they will not know it and they will support the enemy even though they know not they support the enemy and they shall fight me with all their heart. But be not like them for there is a multitude, a multitude, a multitude out there that are not hooked up with that. They know nothing about religion .etc.

June 25, 1997 Wednesday Evening Bible Study Page Two

For in this day and in this hour, very few of the church can distinguish between charisma and the anointing. They look to charisma. They run after charisma and they follow after that and end up in the false because they know not the anointing. They know not the moving of my holy spirit, but it shall be by the anointing that my holy spirit, they shall be set free. It shall be by the anointing of my holy spirit that miracles, signs and wonders shall take place. It shall be by the anointing of my holy spirit that I shall speak unto them and they shall see a difference even though at first they shall run from it and think that it is false. And they shall chase after the false and not see the truth. But as the manifestations begin to take place they shall know that truly this has to be God ........ etc ...

11-30-97 pm Service

........ etc ...... etc ....... Follow not after the false or false things for I have already ....... etc ......... You are the mouth piece yes and truth shall come from you, truth shall come from you. So do not listen to the false things around you. Do not listen to the false things around you ... etc ... For I say to you yes, the false shall even be confounded, the false shall even be confounded, and many shall see how false they really are, many shall see how false they really are ..... etc ...etc 

12-7-97 pm Service

...... etc ......... etc ...... For you will be able to discern between the true and the false. You'll know them for I your father God shall mark them so you can plainly see that you can understand that you can know them. etc ...... 

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        =    1998   =          

1-11-98 am Service

....... etc .... etc ...... I have asked you to be ready for the move that I have for you .. etc ... etc ....... as ready as ready yes I am ready. For it shall not be like Brownsville or like Canada. For it shall be my move, it shall be my move, through my holy spirit and through my word. Oh yes my children it shall be great ... etc ... 

1-11-98 pm Service

........... etc ........ etc ..... For many have followed the false and many are continuing to follow the false. But I say unto you there are those yes, those whose eyes are wide open. Yes their eyes have been opened as to what is going on. And yes they see clearly yes, they see clearly what the enemy is doing. Oh I say unto you my move shall be even more awesome, more awesome, mighty more awesome than what the enemy shall could do. Oh my children it shall be great, 

1-2-98 Wed Service

Do not be sad, do not be sad, do not be sad for those you have spoken unto. For those you have warned about the false. For it is them who have chosen, it is them that have chosen the way to go. For it is they who have not heeded unto my voice, nor listened unto me. Nor followed my things. Do not be sad for it is their choice, it is their choice, for the path they have taken. For they have chosen to follow the false, they have chosen to follow the false. For I have begged and pleaded with them but they refuse, they refuse to hear me. They refuse to listen to the words I speak unto them. For I say unto you they are bewitched and don't even know it. Yes they have become bewitched and don't even know it. etc ..... 

6-17-98 Wed Service

........ etc  .... etc ..... In these days saith your father God even ministers understand not what true prophecy is. For they look only to my word. Yes that is true prophecy. But there are things that I'm speaking to my church today, I am telling my church today. They know not these things. They know not how to look for these things, find these things ........ etc ... etc ....

Many of them are walking in darkness and know it not. For they hear not my voice. Nor know my voice. They may think that they know my voice, but if they know my voice and hear my voice why do they follow the false? Quickly run after the false. Why do they exalt the false? Why don't they expose the false like you have done? Even as you have spoken out against the false, stood against the false. They know not my voice. For they follow another's voice. They know not my voice. But I desire to open their ears and heart. I desire to show them the truth. For the only way they shall know the truth is by hearing the truth .. etc ...

8-2-98 am Service

....... etc ........... etc ....... Christians following after the false because they are not grounded in my word. Welcome to the end times world. For this the way it is .. etc .. 

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This comment taken from the guest book log of www.reigningone.org

Date: 5/22/01

Time: 7:39:28 PM Remote User: Comments

Praise God!! Bambuta came on for help. He was 300 miles from computer and it took him three days. His village get great curse from witchdoctor and many are sick. Many bark like dogs, act like monkeys, crawl and hiss like snakes. The witchdoctor turns into black panther and kills many children! He came for help as he heard it on the drums! I have prayed and God has brought deliverance to that whole village! He will be back on Monday with a report. I told him there is power in the Name of Jesus!! I know they shall walk in great victory! Thank you Jesus!! Blessings upon you!

Love, Gwendolyn

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Isn't it interesting that back in the Congo the people call this activity witchcraft and here in America many churches have embraced this activity and call it the Holy Ghost.

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We had many people and leaders of full gospel ministries here in the Central New York area that went chasing off to Toronto and others to Brownsville.  It reminds me of a saying I once heard,   “The church is a mile wide and an inch deep.”

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