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Some things God by the power of his Holy Spirit shared with the church body at RMMI  Victory Christian Center concerning the false

= = = =   1994    = = = =

October 30, 1994 Page 2

This has come from my prophets to you. I am only talking this way to those who are following exactly as I have told them. I am not moving everywhere that people say that I am moving.

There is a counterfeit moving out there that is afflicting my people. They shake for days and weeks. They howl like their father the devil. They roar like their father the devil. Many other signs follow this move. I bless, heal, deliver, encourage, strengthen, and set My people free. Remember that you are under the New Covenant and now walk after the Spirit and not the flesh.

OCTOBER 30, 1994 page 5

People are going and standing in line for hours and yet leaving just as they came with some false hope. Leaving with the shakes, leaving howling like a wolf. Leaving growling like a lion. They are leaving with manifestations, but not a newness of power. They have not been set free. But soon my children, they shall come to you.

November 30, 1994 Wednesday Page2

Beware of those that minister to you; Beware of them. Know my Spirit! Become familiar with Me, saith your Father God. Continue to be filled with My Spirit and be very careful these days for there are many that are not of, Me, even though they seem to be of Me, in the Spirit that they operate in. If you stay close to them, if they lay hands on you, that Spirit will soon operate in you and it will bring disruption. It will not bring the things that I your Father God will need, but I say unto you My People be filled with My Spirit. Be filled with My Spirit, everyday, everyday. Make sure you are filled to overflowing, for that shall keep you safe, ..........etc.........etc.......

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February 5, 1995 Morning Worship Page One

Do not be deceived or moved by the voices that you hear in the world, for there are many counterfeits. There are many counterfeits and many shall try to do in their strength, they shall try to do in their power, they shall try to do in their ability, they shall try to do in their charisma what you shall do in the supernatural power of Almighty God and they, and they shall be exposed and people shall see that it is false that it is only a counterfeit for it shall not withhold, it shall not stand up beside the true power of Almighty God. .......etc ......... etc ..........

March 19, 1995 Page 4

Follow not after the false move of my spirit but rather follow me and I will lead you into total victory .. etc ... etc ..

July 30, 1995  Tent Service Morning-Evans

Be not deceived by the false that is moving across the earth! Be not deceived by the false for they sound and look like the real but they know not My Voice! They know not the moving of My Spirit! For they follow not My Spirit they follow the evil one, the father of lies! But I say to you, know My Word!

Know My word! Study My Word! Be not weak! Be not weak but know My Word for My Word declares that My sheep know My Voice and another's they will not follow! Know the voice of your Father! Know the voice of your Father and press in My Children, press in for you are in the last days! You are in the last hour! Many things are taking place right now! Many things are coming in to being right now! But My Children shall walk in victory!!

August 27, 1995 New Convert Class Page One

This is one of the great truths that shall separate the true from the false in these last days! For those who are manifesting the false, will be open! They will be open to the attack of the enemy and the sicknesses that shall come in these last days, that has no cure, shall latch itself to them and fasten itself upon them and they shall feel the affects of it! But not so with My Church and not so with My Body! For truly, they are dead! They are dead in Christ Jesus! And sickness and sin cannot touch them! So rejoice in your hearts and lift up your heart, for truly you are being spared of great things!

  ====  =  9-13-95  =  ====  ====  =====

My Words, then are you My disciples, and then the truth will set you free. Did not the children of Israel go after the false Idols, and did not My judgment fall on them? My true church is sleeping and they do not read the hand writing on the wall. They are polluted and unclean by their own willful disobedience. The have allow the false to come in and replaced false fire in their tabernacles. They run after fables and they call it the Holy Ghost. Many, many more will be caught in this because they believe not My Word, nor do they follow it. From the President of this Country, to Presidents of other Countries right on down, this evil force has enter in. Where was the discernment of My people. They did not conquer the land as I told them too. Oh that My people knew the awfulness of the enemy and what he has in plan for My people. But many will need this before they call out to Me. If they will call out to Me, I will deliver them and set them free.

The church is in a far greater battle then most know. The devil is working very fast to move his army into place. His plans have been set for 6,000 years for his last battle. Mine was set before he even fell. He is a defeated foe, yet he will fight until the very End. What you are now seeing has been going into place for a long time, because My people have not put him and his army under their feet, as I have told them to. Now they are entering into a war that most do not understand or even know will come. Yet in My Word, I have told them about the lying signs and wonders of the false christ. About his prophet and his false church. Where in My Word does it tell My people that they shall receive the shakes or jerks when the Holy Ghost comes on them. Yes, at times people will shake, but it leaves as soon as they leave My presents. My people do not crawl like a snake, howl like a animal, or bark like a dog. I gave them dominion over the animal kingdom and not the animals dominion over them. I gave My people power over their own bodies. The Spiritman is to be in charge, not the body or soul. You are a Spirit, you have a soul, and you live in a body. The unsaved man is in the place where his body and soul control him. He is out of balance, or control. When he becomes saved, he renews his mind by My Word and brings his soul and body into control to My Word. In the move that the Church is seeing, this is not so. They have reversed it and done what the Galatians who were bewitched by the devil's servants. Now they tell that a spirit is moving in their lives by some body manifestation and not by the bearing witness with their Spiritman. If I were to put this in to your words today (Gal. 3:1 ) it would say it this way, "Oh you stupid Galatians, who has hypnotized you?" One of the devil's biggest tools through New Age is "Mass Hypnotism". Most are caught in the channeler. When a channeler goes into a full trance it is as if they are in a deep sleep. The spirit that enters their being is a powerful demon spirit that knows how to control people and their minds. The channeler facial muscles and lips twitch  Once the spirit is in control of the person, a change in breathing occur and the person's facial features and expressions are different. (You will see this on the tap if you look closely). Once this take place, the demon spirit is now in control and sends forth mental waves to seduce or hypnotize the people who are open. Once these people are seduced, a spirit enters them, and quite often lays dormant until that spirit wishes to seduce someone else. These people have opened themselves up to this, because they choose to believe a lie and Not My Word. I give them up to a reprobate mind (not standing the test rejected) Yes, some of these are very good people, but they did not follow My Commandment of abiding in My Word and not to follow after those who use witchcraft. It is My people's responsibility to know My Word. I have given it to them and they are to follow it. "Study to show thyself approved unto Me". "Keep My Words" Satan defeated Adam and Eve because they did not follow My Word. It is The same today. Satan defeats those who do not know My Word.

====== =   October 1, 1995  = ======  

Q- The question presented to the Lord was - How would a person pray to get rid of a spirit that they may have received at a service that the person feels may be a false spirit?

A- First of all, they have got to want to undo what they have received! But, if they do not want to undo it, then they are given over to a reprobate mind and the enemy shall destroy them! For when they follow a false spirit, and they think that it is I, the false spirit can cause them to do foolish things that would jeopardize their life, and I cannot move on their behalf, because they are not looking to Me, but they are looking to the prince of this world!!

=====  ====  =  10-18-1995  =  =====  ====

that blessing shall flow from you to others and it shall touch them. So be not fooled, be not fooled by the enemy. Keep your eyes upon Me, keep your eyes upon the promises and very soon now, you shall see them fulfilled. Be not fooled by the stirring that is going on in the spirit realm, for that stirring that is going on at the moment is not of Me, saith your Father. For you are walking in the true stirring, so press on in, press on in, press on in!

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