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Some things concerning the false the holy spirit shared with the church body at RMMI  Victory Christian Center in:      

= = = = = =   1996       = = = = = =    

January 14, 1996 New Foundations Class Page One

For the devil continually strives to undo the very things that I do. He creates counterfeits that look like the real but deny the real, therefore are useless and My body has been rendered down to a body that is almost useless. Where if they would believe My Word and stand on My Word, they would be the most powerful force in this world and the enemy would have no place in any of them and they would continuously walk in victory and subdue the land and have dominion over it as I have given it to them.

January 14, 1996 New Foundations Class Page Two

For it is very needful that My Church move into the fullness of the things that I have for them, for the enemy, at this time, is raising up a counterfeit that looks like the real and many shall flee after that and grab hold of that and be entrapped, and encaged, and imprisoned in the darkness that he has for them unless they see the light. Unless they see the real. Unless you move in the area that I tell you to move into.

1-21-1996  ===============================

........ etc .......... etc ....................

beginning and I have chosen you to be part of this great move. Do not allow others who speak of the devil to tell you that it is not so. Have not I told you. Has it not be confirmed. Where was the false moving of the false spirits stopped. Right here in your tent. Why did the devil send them here? Because he wanted to establish his move here to deceive the world. But it was stopped by my prophet ...... etc ...

January 21, 1996 New Foundations Class Page One

That is why you are seeing the move that you are seeing today. It is not the first time in history that I brought forth this move. But it is a move that is needed for the church for My People have gotten away from hearing from Me or recognizing that I do move through vessels and I do speak to people. The last time that the move went across the U.S. in the fifties, quickly the church put it down because of the false instead of taking the real and running with that, they put out the total fire but fear not what people may think of you, for they shall see the things that I do. They shall hear the things that I say and they shall come to pass and they shall know above and beyond any doubt that truly, this is of Me!

January 31, 1996 Wednesday Bible Study

For even this past summer, when you saw the false, you quickly put a stop to it. But in times past, you would have only gritted your teeth and allowed it. But no longer, for the spirit is coming in control of your life and My Spirit will not allow any false to be in operation nor allow people to walk in the false and you will see this very things throughout My Word.

January 31 1996 Wednesday Bible Study Page Five

For there shall be some of the signs that shall separate the true church from the false church for the true church shall stand strong and it shall be awesome, all powerful, and they shall go forth and do great and mighty and wonderful things and the enemy shall flee from their presence and the enemy shall tremble but not so with the world church. For he will cuddle up, yes, he will cuddle up and set under their stage and he will act in their services, but they will be fearful of Me and My things, the things that I do. But do not fear yourself, for you shall know Me and I shall know you and you shall do great and mighty things.

If you knew the powerful church that you have been called to, you probably would have room for fear but yet, I am developing you and you shall grow with it. It should become commonplace and normal for you, for you shall see it no other way.

February 4, 1996 New Foundations Class

People are looking for something to prove that they have the manifestation of the Holy Ghost, therefore they are open, they are open to things like this and you shall see a great increase of that across the whole world until you are in the position that I have called you into that they can see the real.

I never planned or purposed for My People to miss the mark. That was their own choice. My plan and purpose was always, always for good.

For if you think in your heart that I have made those for good and those for evil, and that I planned only to bless those who are good and pour bad on those who are evil, you have a misconception of Me and My love. For it is man's will and man's choice to go in the direction that they go. I have always made provisions for them to succeed.

February 25, 1996 Sunday Evening Word at offering

In Elijah and Elisha's days, those flowing in what you could call the "New Age Movement" would dress like their gods like fish, like frogs, like lions, and shake and throw themselves on the ground with great moaning, taking on the feelings of their gods Great manifestations of the flesh were seen. They would cut themselves and cry out to their gods and offer sacrifices. Are they not doing this also ? Do you have dominion over the manifestations, or have they taken dominion over you ? Know ye not that the Leadership of the New Age has infiltrated the ranks of the church to the place they have people seeking manifestations and not Me. For they cannot come to My altar until they see these strange signs and wonders and then I am in their presence; only it is not I, and they come and receive from the one who is giving the false manifestations. It was that way even in Noah's day and the day of the Tower of Babel. It was that way in the Garden when Satan took on the form of a serpent and deceived man. Be not foolish, but study My Word for it reveals all ... etc .... etc .....

call them out, just as Elijah did on the Mount. Do not be fooled by what you hear or by who says it. Did I tell you it? Then that should settle it for you! Many shall be fooled in these last days and yet they know not that the false leaders plan on putting to death those who manifest many of these false signs. They have camps that are prisons for those who act in this manner. This does not glorify Me! This interferes with the true manifestations as people do not feel they move by faith. The false has to feel, or they believe it is not of Me. How foolish they have become! They run after things that tickle (feelings) their ears. Listen to what I tell you! You are standing at the door of all I have said .. etc .. etc 

May 1, 1996 Wednesday Evening

Be not fooled by the false, be not fooled by the compromise, be not fooled by the watered down but eat of the Word, eat of the true Word. Fill yourself up for truly you will be able to discern between good and evil and you will be able to walk in the fullness of the power, .. etc 

May 12, 1996 New Foundations Class Page One

warfare going on. Because of the cross cultures that have been allowed to enter into this nation, the false religion that has been allowed to go on, the demon activity has increased over the years. Now, hooked together, with those who have been released out of the bottomless pit, it shall be an awesome time for those who do not know My Word, who do not know My ways, who know not the things that I do, for they shall be pressed down, trodden upon, and pressured into following things that they believe not, things that they know not about and there shall be a fear that shall fill them. For it shall be a dreadful time, a time of great sorrow. But, I say unto you, not so with My People,...etc..

June 30, 1996 Spiritual Warfare Class # 5 Page One

Be not fooled nor deceived by the traps that the enemy is setting forth throughout the whole body of Christ, for many are running here and many are running there for things that tickle their ears, things that sound good unto them, things that they can rejoice over and yet, not change. But, that is not the truth, saith your Father God. For in My Word, I declare the truth unto you. So, know My Word. Walk according to My Word and be not fooled nor deceived by the things that are quickly sweeping across the face of the earth.

For the ways of the world are many and many are trying to proclaim and say that every one can walk in the light that they have and that we are all part of one family. But, I say unto you, that is not unity and that is not My Word, for My Word declares that those who walk, must walk in unity and in unity with My Word. So, know My Word. Believe not the lies that come from here. Believe not the lies that come from there. Believe not the lies that are going round about throughout the whole body, but, know that there is only one Word and that is My Word.

For there is a great lie, a great deception that is sweeping across the whole universe, far greater, far greater than most look upon yet. For they see not the hand nor do they see the handwriting that is upon the wall. For they look not at the time, nor do they look at the seasons, nor do they study out My Word to see which day and which hour that we are living in. Nor do they know, nor do they understand, nor do they comprehend the ways of the enemy. The ways that I have described in My Word that he shall work in these last days. For they go about doing their own thing. They go about here and they go about there. They are running here, they are running there and yet they see not the signs that are clearly before them and they know not what is going on. I say, therefore, unto you, take heed, for great things are taking place in the evil spiritual realm. Things that are recorded in My Word. For it is that hour and it is that time. And this great lie, this great deception, shall sweep across the whole world, but, you shall know it and you shall recognize it and you shall know that it comes from the evil one. For he shall proclaim truths that he cannot fulfill and there shall be a season of peace. There shall be a season of wisdom. There shall be a season of knowledge that seems to flow from him and men shall flock to him and follow him because of his charisma. And because of the great things that he shall speak and the things that they shall see. But they shall be deceptions. They shall be lies. Follow not after, nor listen, nor take heed to the things that he says, but, stay in My Word. Stay in tune with Me. Allow My Spirit to show you the things that are taking place. Let your eyes be open. For he has implanted, yes, he has implanted throughout the whole world, many, many, in different bodies that are there to deceive, that are there to hinder, that are there to stop the work that is going on. People are believing the lies that they speak forth for they sound like truth unto them and they come to pass, the things that they say, but they are not supernatural things that are coming to pass. It is the knowledge of man that is coming to pass. So, be not fooled, be not fooled by the false. For the false shall seem like the real. But, if you look close and handle it close, you will recognize it, instantly, that it is the false. So, prepare yourself, prepare yourself, prepare your families, prepare your loved ones, for the things that are about to come, for they shall speedily sweep across this earth.

July 7, 1996 Spiritual Warfare Class # 6 Sunday

The moment that you get your eyes off Me, the moment that you shut down your ears to the words that I speak, then the enemy speaks loud and clear and deception comes in and you are deceived by the things that he says and discouragement quickly follows. But, if you keep your eyes upon Me, upon My Word, upon My promises, upon the things that I have said, upon the things that l have declared, the things that are written, you shall walk in total victory. Joy shall always abound from you, for your eyes shall be upon the goal and you will realize the things that I am doing and you will see in the spirit realm with your spiritual eyes and you will know how greatly I am moving on your behalf and therefore there is no room for discouragement. There is no room for you to be down. There is only room to rejoice.

This is why I have prepared places that shall be light and they shall be the light into the darkness that is quickly coming upon the face of this earth. For there shall be wickedness such as the world has never seen. There shall be sin such as the world has never seen. There shall be panic and fear, distress, torment, but, they shall see a light shining in the darkness and they shall find their way to Me and I shall deliver them our of their snares, out of their traps and I shall set them free and they shall become part of My family. For the darker the world gets, the brighter My light shall become. For they shall see it from far, they shall see it from near, but they shall come, and they shall come and they shall come.

For with a higher and greater quality of knowledge and wisdom that the devil is using, in this day, saith your Father God, deception is quickly spreading across the land, because of the hunger of the hearts of My People who are in dead places, who know not My Word, they are eager and willing to except the false and run with the false thinking that they have really found the truth. Therefore the truth must stand out even greater, saith your Father. There needs to be greater signs, wonders, and miracles taking place that the lost, that those who are caught in the traps, shall see and recognize the difference between the false and the truth.

July 7, 1996 Spiritual Warfare Class # 6 Page # two

For no matter how the enemy comes in or how greatly he comes in, I have always raised up a standard against him. When Adam fell, I quickly clothed them and shed blood to cover their sins. It was not a permanent covering because of a need for a change of their nature, a change of their being. But I planned that before the foundations of this earth also. So, you need not fear the things that are coming. You need not fear the tactics nor the ways of the devil, for you shall always have more wisdom than him. You shall always have more insight than him. You shall always know the things that he is doing, for I shall open your eyes and your understanding in ways that they have never been opened before and you shall see more clearly and understand more clearly the tactics that the enemy is using. Even in those areas that you are being deceived now, you shall know the difference saith your Father God. You shall see it and My Word shall go forth and My Word shall prevail and then My Son shall come for you.

August 4, 1996 Spiritual Warfare Class #10 Page One

That is why My Son said, a little leaven spoileth the whole batch. For if you add anything to truth, it is no longer truth. For there is err mixed in with it and that little speck of err makes it all err. Therefore study My Word and know My Word and know what My Word says and not what some man said about My Word, but what My Word says.

For in the day that you are living, there shall be many spectacular signs and wonders done by the enemy. The stage has already been set. There are magicians right now that carry a greater following than most ministries in the U.S. and people are amazed and moved by the supernatural. But the supernatural is not always My ability nor My power nor My might. By studying My Word, you shall know what is of Me and what is of the enemy, what are the miracles that I perform and what are the lying signs and wonders that he performs? For if you recall, even the magicians of the day of Moses could copy and duplicate some of the things that Moses did and yet Moses's signs always proved and pointed to Me.

For a counterfeit is a type or a shadow of the real. For those who counterfeit money make it look like the real so they can reap a benefit from their labors. Therefore it is the same with the enemy. Many things that He shall do in these last days shall be a counterfeit. So, you need to know and understand the purpose why I did things and then when you see the counterfeit, you will realize that it takes from My Glory and it only adds to them and builds to their self image or their self glory and you will realize that it is not Me. So, your eyes need to be wide open. Your understanding needs to be increased. You need to look and study My Word like never before.

It is true that not everyone will flow in the gift of discerning of spirits, but My Word has also declared unto you that if you know My Word, by exercising that Word and using that Word, you will know the difference between good and evil. So, you can still be aware of the things that are taking place. You will know that it is evil, that it is not good. You may not know what the one with the gift of discerning of spirits knows, but you will know. But, it only comes through eating strong meat, for staying in My Word and knowing My Word and exercising that Word, acting upon that Word, doing that Word, then you become mature Christians and you are able to discern both good and evil.

Because My church has not always walked in the fullness of My Word, and because the enemy has been able to come and go as he wills, people have lost confidence and trust and respect in their leadership. Therefore they will follow others quicker than they will follow those who I have placed in charge. But in the days that you are living in, you are going to need to recognize those who I have placed in charge. You are going to need to recognize those who have the gift of discerning of spirits ... etc ... etc .

July 31, 1996 Wednesday Evening Bible Study Page One

.. etc ........... and I have shown you the end times and man does not know nor do they conceive in their heart the hour that we live in now nor that we have entered into that last day. That we have entered into that time of great sorrow. For they run this way and they run that way and they go here and they go there to counsel this and to counsel that but they turn not to Me. Nor do they turn to the things that My Spirit says and they depart from Me. They depart from Me and soon, soon they are entrapped, they are entrapped, they are entrapped with the spirit that is hard to shake off. So, I say unto you, be wise, be wise, be wise, be wise. Hear Me, hear My Words, know My truth and walk in it.

August 25, 1996 Spiritual Warfare Class # 13 Page One

Because of the seal that has been opened and the rider upon the white horse, great deception, great deception is creeping into the church, for they look at the white horse and the rider as if it were My Son, but that is not so, saith your Father God. That is not so. That is the spirit of Anti-Christ. It is against all the things that I believe and all the things that I have given unto you and yet it comes clothed in white, looking like truth to deceive even the very elect, for it carries within its hand, a bow. A bow is always a symbol of war and the war is against My people.

Therefore it is of utter great importance that My people know My Word. That they stop listening to the things that they are listening to. That they stop reading the things that they are reading and begin to put that time into My Word. That they may know My Word and that they may know the truth of My Word. That when there is anything that is added to it, or taken from it, the spirit within them will instantly declare unto them, "this is false, this is not of God" They will know how to walk in the fullness of the things that I have given unto them, for the days that you are now living in are very evil days. And they shall become even more evil as every day goes by. You will marvel, you will marvel at the quick change in the world as they enter into greater darkness than they have ever entered into before ... etc

Because of the wisdom of man, not My wisdom, but the wisdom of man, even in the city that you live in, the city in you worship right now, the enemy has brought in spirits that are far more evil than what were here before and even this city is prepared now to become more evil than you have ever seen before. The things that you are hearing now, the things that you are reading about now, are very small to the things that you shall hear about. But they shall not affect you. NO, no, no. For you shall walk through this time in great power, great authority, great ability, but I want you to know, I want you to know and understand that the days are very evil.

For there are very few, many none, but you, that have refused to allow the false to enter in and many, many that should be Mine, have opened themselves to the influence of the spirit and it controls them far greater than they even realize. It taking control and charge over the activities of that place, therefore they are going the wrong direction. So, I say unto you again, and I warn you again, not to allow them in, not to allow them in. If they come for deliverance, deliver them. If they come for help, help them. But if they come to be a part, cast them out, cast them out.

For it is time for the great whore, the harlot to make her move and she is making her move rapidly. And she is coming in disguised as the true church as the church that flows in the Spirit. As the church that is in contact with Me, My covenant People and she is embracing within her midst every form of religion that exists on the face of the earth and she is saying that we are all one. We are all one and God loves us all. That is not true, saith your Father, for I hate evil. I despise evil. I hate the works of the enemy. I hate all that He stands for. I hate every thing that He rises up and everything that he brings into ........ etc ... etc .......

Aug 26, 1996  Spiritual Warfare Class

For many are asleep and many are being rocked to sleep for the enemy is moving with great might with great deception, with great trickery and many, many, many, are walking into the traps, for they know not My Word. They know not the things that I say, but they follow their feelings. They follow the false feelings that they have received and they think that it is of Me. Be not deceived. Be not deceived for you are not moved by feelings but you are moved by faith. Believe in My Word, knowing My Word. Open your eyes, open your eyes and wake up, wake up. Wake up for sudden destruction layeth round about you but those who walk, yes, those who walk with Me shall walk in great victory

September 8, 1996 Sunday Morning Worship Page Two

Know ye also, that in this day, today, in this city, saith your Father God, a great door has been opened to the wicked of the North, to the wicked of the south. For it is spreading throughout all the land. Yea, it is coming in great force .... etc ...... etc ..

There are many who have been deceived by the enemy. They have been deceived by the lies. They have been deceived by the false witnesses. But I say unto you, the spiritual blinders that have been on their eyes, all this time, are going to come off and as they come off they are going to see My true Church. They are going to behold the wholeness of My true Church ..... etc ... etc ..

September 11, 1996 Wednesday Bible Study and Worship Page One                       

For the darkness that has entered this world, the darkness that has entered this area, quickly grasps onto those that it touches and takes them captive. But you walk in My strength. You walk in My ability. You walk in My light.

For it is not like it was in times past. For even the enemy knew that he had time, but now he knows also the time is very short and he is quickly about doing his work. But let that not bring fear to your heart, for as long as you hear My voice, for as long as you walk close to Me. For as long as you know My Word and put off the things that are here in this world, you will not have fear. You will not be trapped by him or ensnared by him, but you shall have the power and the authority and the ability to take from him the very captives that he has taken.

Let your spiritual eyes be open, be wide awake, for there are those who call themselves by My name. There are those who claim to walk in the spirit realm as you walk but they are deceived by the evil one. For they have opened the door to the evil one. They have allowed themselves to become captive. So, keep your eyes open that you can minister grace unto them, that you can bring deliverance to them, that you can set the captive free.

Keep on the full armor of God, for when the enemy tries to fire darts at you, and he will be firing many darts at you, they will not hit you, for you will have on the armor of God and you shall go through this time victoriously and you shall come out victoriously and everything that you shall do shall be victorious and you shall triumph in all areas of your life and you shall not only be blessed but you shall be a blessing to those who come to you.

But keep that armor on, for there are those who you know who will submit themselves under the wrong and they shall have the wrong dwelling within them but if your armor is on, they will not put it upon you. For if they sit under, just for a moment, sayith your Father God, it shall quickly seize them, for they are not on My territory and I have not sent them there, sayi    th your Father God. But be not like them. Be not foolish. Be not foolish. Walk with the full armor on.

Be not soon shaken when you see those whose names you have respected, names that you have looked up to, that have been caught in this trap, saith your Father, but intercede for their behalf. Be open. Be ready, for I will give you words to speak unto them that will set the captive free. But prepare yourself now.. Don't set back. Don't set back and do nothing and be idle. Prepare yourself now for this darkness has already come into this area and it shall grown fast now.

September 15, 1996 Morning Worship Service Word Page Two

Be not deceived by the false, but know My Word. Enter into My house with worship. Enter into My house with praise .. etc . etc ..

For I have longed to move in the midst of My people. I have longed to do a great and mighty work, but along with that, saith your Father God, first comes the cleansing of My temple, even as My Son first cleansed His temple, so shall it be in this day.

For except there come a cleansing, into My house, except the false be put out, except the dirty, the filthy, the unloved things be put out, then holiness cannot enter in to its fullness. And holiness shall enter in. For I will be a stern judge, saith your Father God. So, put those things away and press into the fullness of the things that I have for you and there shall be great joy, great joy, in My house.

For even as My Son drove out the false, drove out those who made merchandise, those who made gain. So, shall it be throughout My whole church. For I shall drive them out, saith your Father God. I shall drive them out and holiness, holiness shall enter in.

Know with assurance that I have said to you that My church, in these days, shall be a holy church, a church without spot or wrinkle. Know, know, saith your Father God that the division between the true and the false has already begun and you shall see it broaden its gap, for when they look at the worldly church, they shall see entertainment, they shall see the things of the world brought in, but when they come into My house, they shall find My presence and they shall find healing in My presence there shall be deliverance in My presence and there shall be a multitude, a multitude of those who come and receive salvation.

I will not allow the things of the world, the things that were put up with in the past, to enter into My house. For My presence shall fill My house and sin shall not enter in, for I shall put it out, saith your Father God. So, prepare your hearts and make yourself ready for the greatest revival that the world has ever seen, is here, saith your Father God. It is not coming, as I have said before, but it is already here. The division has already taken place, so walk, walk ye, in My Word, know My Word and do things of My Word and you shall walk in great victory.

Let your spiritual eyes be opened, for there are many, saith your Father, many, many, who have opened the door and allowed spirits to enter into their life, that have allowed them to come in, that walk and call themselves Mine. For they have opened the doors themselves, saith your Father God, yea, and they flow, yes they flow in the false. Know ye them and mark them, for I say unto you, they are dangerous, for they deceive the multitude, for they are of that end-time move that shall deceive even the very elect. For they go by My Name and they call themselves by My Name, but they do not walk after My nature. They do not walk after My Word. They do not follow the things that are written therein. For they say, "this is past and that is past, and this does not talk about that and that does not talk about this," but I say, I am unchangeable. My Word does not change, for it has gone out and it is settled for an eternity and it shall be through eternity and it shall live through eternity. So, walk in My Word, saith your Father God. Let your eyes be open unto the things that are taking place round about you, for it is that last day, that last hour and the evil one himself is moving mightily, mightily, mightily. Even his false prophet, is establishing his church etc ........

September 15, 1996 Being a Success According to God's Word Page One

For as you look round about you, you see the world, you see the church embracing the things of darkness. ..etc....

For man and his weakness, for man and his inabilities, for man and his lack of knowledge, tries to create and manufacture and bring forth the supernatural. It cannot be done that way. And when they do that, they become partners with My enemy, Satan, and they become his slave and know it not, but the true supernatural power, the true ability, that I have, that I give to My people, comes only from Me .......... etc ..

September 15, 1996 Morning Worship Page three

Beware of the false. Do not fear it, but beware of it. Keep yourself clear of it, for many shall be. deceived in these last days and they shall be given over to a reprobate mind and they shall become servants of the devil and they shall do his bidding in these last days, and know it not, and know it not, until the church is taken away .. etc .... etc ...

September 25, 1996 Wednesday Evening Bible Study Word Page One

Because of what My Spirit is saying to the church, of the soon coming of My Son, there is, in the spirit realm, a mighty move for the supernatural. Many, many, many are pressing towards the mystic. They are pressing toward the occult. They are pressing toward the false, because of the hunger and thirst after spiritual things. Be not like them, in that sense. But, seek Me and seek My face. Seek My counsel. Seek My Word and you shall have the spiritual realm and it shall move mightily in your midst and you will need not seek it ...... etc .......... etc ...

September 22, 1996 How to Never Fail with God's Word Page One

For truly this is the day and the hour of true holiness. For the separation between My church and the false church has already begun. Darkness has entered into this area. but My light has become brighter and My people shall walk in holiness and as you look upon them that call themselves Christian you shall know the difference. For you shall see the fruit of their Father the Devil manifesting and you will know that they are not of Mine, saith your Father God. For they have not allowed the Holy Ghost to cleanse them. They have not allowed the Holy Ghost to prune them ... etc ....

October 13, 1996 Morning Worship Word Page two

Know there is a great increase of the occult, the anti-Christ, of his signs, of his manifestations, of his so-called miracles, and yet he will not be able to know nor understand nor shall he be able to copy or duplicate the things that I your Father God shall do. For My miracles, My signs, My wonders, shall be far greater and you shall be like Daniel and you shall know ..... etc ..... etc .

October 27, 1996 Morning Worship Word Page three

For in this area, sayith your Father God, the false is far, far, far, far greater than the truth. For the truth is like a single match compared to the lighting of a football field and therefore the enemy is drawing those in. But I say to you, the truth, the true light shall come forth. For they have rejected, yea, they have rejected, they have rejected, they have rejected, they have rejected everything that I have said unto them. Therefore they bring down the judgment upon themselves, but you shall walk in victory, you shall walk in victory. So, fear not what you see fall upon them.

For this very hour, right now, saith your Father God, they make mockery of you, they laugh at you. Yea, they tie you in their sermons, and they think that they are fighting against you but they are fighting against Me, sayith your Father God, and I hear their laughter, I hear their mocking,. But, I ....... etc .......

October 27, 1996 Morning Worship Service Word Page three

Woe to the world who turns their back upon you or Christians who you once knew, no longer speak unto you for the dividing of the true and false is taking place My Children. Those who are not of Me, will feel uncomfortable in your presence. They shall feel uncomfortable in My presence. Yet, those of the world that know Me not, shall come. Oh, they shall come from near. They shall come from far. They shall come ....... etc .................

November 17, 1996 How to be Successful with God

Because My people do not know My Word, they know about My Word, they know the history that man has passed down, but they know not My Word. Therefore they turn to foolish fables. They turn to the things of the enemy and they quickly follow after those things because they know not My Word, they know not Me and they know not the moving of My Spirit, they only know the things of man.

But the great men and women, the great moves of God knew Me. They knew the My Word, they knew the moving of My Spirit. And they followed after the things that I their Father God said I would do. And because they did so, the real fire put out the false fire and there was a great mighty work done.

In these last days, there shall be a clear distinct division of the true and the false. And those who read My Word and study My Word, shall see clearly the difference between the two. But those who do not, even the very elect shall be deceived. Therefore I have shortened the days, sayith your Father God that they are not caught in the traps and the snares of the enemy, that they miss not out on going to heaven, but that they turn from their wicked ways and come back to the sheep fold and walk safely with Me and follow the plans and directions that I have for them, for they are far greater than anything that the enemy has.

December 4, 1996 Wednesday Bible Study Worship Word Page One

Since the conception of the ministry here, throughout the supernatural realm, it was voiced what I your Father God proclaimed to do and there has been great warfare from the beginning saith your Father, great warfare. But let that not trouble you, for even the enemy, tried desperately to attack My Son, in His ministry upon earth, but he could not stop him nor could he hinder, nor delay the things that I said shall take place. So, shall it be in this day and in this hour. So, fear not, but listen to the things that I say and follow those things, saith your Father and you shall walk on a road that is not rough but you shall walk on a smooth pathway and you shall walk in victory.

For the spirits that operate from the kingdom of darkness are now far more powerful than they were in times past. For there have been many that have been released from the bottomless pit that were saved for this time and this hour, saith your Father God. For they have come to torment those that are not of the household of God. That is not you, Children. But yet, they desire to make war with you and when you do foolish things and do not the things that I say, you play games with them, and you are no match for them saith your Father God. The only way that you stand above them, the only way that you have power and authority over them, the only way that you walk in total victory, is by walking in agreement with Me, according to the things that I have given unto you, according to things that are written in My Word. Be not deceived. Don't be fooled. But do what I tell you. Stay away from them, saith your Father God, for they won't come nigh you, but you will have to go nigh them. Therefore you make the choice, saith your Father. You make the choice. I don't make the choice. For I have declared unto you, My Word and I have said unto you, have nothing to do with them.

Many have come and many have gone. But yet all walk in their own excuses. They don't walk with Me. They walk in their own excuses and shall be gobbled up by the false move unless they repent and turn from the things that they are doing. For they know not how dangerous it is. So, be not like them but walk hand in hand with Me. Did you hear that, Children, walk hand in hand with Me. For I know the way through the darkness.

December 22, 1996 Thoughts and Thinking Class Page Two

Did I not tell you about the angels, that people would be seeing them? That people would be writing books about them? Have you not already heard on the news, yea, and even seen in the tabloids, saith your Father God, articles concerning angels? You shall hear even more so and people shall be begin to worship them even as they worshipped the blessed Mother Mary and they know not that it is of the Devil. They know not that these signs that are created, are of the Devil. They are not of Me. For I exalt not man. I exalt only My Word. For man is lifted up because of My Word and man is exalted because of My Word. But all praise and all Glory and Honor belongs to Me and I share not My Glory. I share not My Honor. I allow My People to share in My Glory. I allow My People to share in My Honor. But I do not exalt up mortal persons higher than My Son, Jesus, nor Myself, nor the Holy Ghost. For we are the Godhead and all others are under us. You are heirs to the throne. Yes, you are My Children, but you are not above. So, do not be fooled by the manifestations that you shall see or hear about. But realize that it is only the end time signs, some from Me, but many from the enemy.

December 22, 1996 Morning Service Worship Word

For much false is mixed with the truth in many ministries, but they shall change. They shall change after they hear what I have clearly spoken to you. They shall change. They shall change after I have told them exactly what they have heard from here.

Let your mouth be that of a ready writer, and speak forth the things that I speak unto you that they may hear for the false is fastly creeping into all circles and into all areas. But, the truth shall consume the false, ..... etc ....

December 22, 1996 Sunday Morning Service Worship Word Page Five

Be not fooled by the false signs or the false wonders, for the enemy shall produce many of those things, yea, and his people, his spokesmen his prophets, shall speak those things forth and they shall come to past and they shall laugh at you and they shall mock at you at first. But when the calamities come, when the calamities come, and they shall come, when the calamities come, they shall know that the things that you have said are of Me. For they shall realize that you do not speak just the sweet things, just the pleasant things but you speak forth My Word. For it is important that you hear My Word and know My Word. It is important for you to understand My Word. It is important for you to see the things that are taking place in this world, to walk in the supernatural realm and not in the natural realm. for If you walk in the natural realm, you will miss the things of God and get caught up in the false. That is how strong it is, My Children. That is how strong it is. But those who walk in the spirit realm, shall not be deceived, they shall not be fooled but they shall stand up, they shall stand up strong. Yea, they shall come against the false and people shall laugh at first, but people shall see and know and understand that the things that they say are truth .. etc ..

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